Our appetisers are the perfect way to ease in to your meal. We have a range of delightful dishes  to suit any taste.

Lamb Samosas • £2.95

Deep fried triangular pastries filled with  a mixture consisting of onions, potato and  lightly spiced lamb.


Chicken Pakora • £3.95

Succulent and tender strips of chicken  marinated in our in-house batter and  deep-fried.

Chicken Nimbali • £4.45

Small pieces of chicken drizzled in hot white  sauce and topped with melted mozzarella  cheese. Accompanied by mashed potato,  onions and peppers. One of our favourites!


Fish Pakora • £4.65

Tasty strips of cod marinated in our in-house  batter and deep-fried.

Cheesy Nachos with Jalapenos,  Salsa & Keema • £5.95



Seekh Kebab, Chicken Tikka Boti, Lamb Chops, Fish Pakoras & Chicken Wings - Garnished with Fried Onions, Capsicum & Fresh Coriander. Served on sizzling platter


Special Mix Grill for 2 • £11.95

Special Mix Grill for 4 - £22.95


Thoughtfully prepared meat and fish appetisers, flame-grilled to perfection over charcoal

Chicken Wings • £3.55

Tender chicken wings marinated in our

in-house marinade and cooked to perfection  over charcoal, releasing the juice. Finger  licking chicken!


Chicken/Lamb Sheekh Kebab • £3.75 / £3.85  Spiced minced chicken prepared with onions,  herbs, spices and fresh coriander.


Lahori Chicken Tikka Boti • £4.25

Bite-size pieces of chicken breast marinated  in our in-house marinade. Our preparation  allows the spices to infuse into the chicken,  intensifying the flavour.


Liver Tikka • £4.25

Cuts of liver marinated in our in-house  marinade. Cooked to perfection by our grill  chef to be so juicy and rich.

¼ Chicken Grill • £4.45

Chicken leg on the bone marinated in our  in-house marinade and grilled to perfection  the Persian way. It’s your choice!

Lahori Lamb Chops • £4.65

Prime slices of lamb chops on the bone  marinated in our in-house marinade and  grilled to perfection. So tender it will melt  in your mouth!


Masala Fish • £4.95

A fillet of cod, perfectly chargrilled and  drizzled in our in-house spicy smoky glaze.

King Prawn Tikka • £5.95

Mouth-watering king prawns marinated in  our charcoal grill marinade.


If you’re not a meat lover or if you fancy something a bit different then try one of our delicious  vegetarian appetisers.

Crispy Vegetarian Rolls • £2.75

Deep fried pastry rolls filled with various  vegetables and lightly spiced.


Lahori Pakora • £2.95

Paneer Tikka • £4.25

Tender soft chunks of paneer cheese  marinated in our in-house marinade and  cooked to oozing perfection!

Cheesy Nachos with Jalapenos and Salsa •


The following regional specialities have a rich history in Lahore and have been cooked and  perfected over centuries. 

Lahori Paya • £8.55

Originating from the heart of Central Asia  and later introduced to South Asia by the  Persians. A dish of much heritage but its roots  have been firmly set in the Punjab region. Tastes vary from region to region. Our dish  consists of sheep hoof steam cooked for  hours and soaked in a simple soup-based  curry sauce.

Niyari • £8.95

Considered to be the national dish of  Pakistan, this dish has a deep history and  dates back to the last throes of the Mughal  Empire. Now considered to be a Lahori  delicacy, the tender cut of sirloin or shank  meat is slowly steam cooked with a rich stew.

Chicken Tikka Masala • £8.95

Chicken tikka breast cooked with tomatoes, fresh coriander, garlic, green chilies, capsicum and onions.

Keema Matter • £8.95

Minced lamb cooked with garden peas, fresh garlic, ginger, tomatoes, green chilies and coriander.

MIxed Sabzi • £7.45

Matter Paneer • £8.95

Peas and cured cheese cooked with onions, tomatoes, fresh coriander, green chilies and spices. 

Daal Tarka • £7.45

Lentils cooked with onions, tomatoes, fresh coriander, green chilies and spices. 


Masala - Prepared in fresh tomatoes, corainder and spices


Bhuna - Prepared in fresh tomatoes, crunchy peppers, coriander and spices


Jalfrezi - Prepared with fresh garlic, ginger, coriander, turmeric and tomatoes, eggs and spices 


Korma - Prepared in a very mild curry sauce with coconut and fresh cream, sweet and creamy

Lamb • £8.45

Chicken • £7.45

Vegetable • £7.15

King Prawn • £11.95


Chicken Biryani • £8.95

Lamb Biryani • £9.95

Vegan Biryani • £7.95


Fish fingers and chips • £4.45

Served with salad & ketchup


Chicken Nuggets & chips • £4.45

Served with salad and ketchup


Tandoori Naan • £2.15

Garlic Naan• £2.15

Cheese & Garlic Naan • £2.25

Peshawari Naan • £2.25

Tandoori Roti • £0.95

Family Naan• £4.10

Boiled Rice • £1.95

Pilau Rice • £2.10

House Salad • £1.95

Curry Sauce • £1.95

Pickle Tray • £1.95

Raita • £2.10


8oz Aberdeen Andus Sirloin Steak • £17.95

With house salad, chips and selection of sauces

Chicken Butterfly Steak • £11.95

With house salad, chips and selection of sauces


Spicy Fried Chicken Prawns • £6.15

With salad & tangy dip

Salt & Pepper Chinese Wings • £4.95

Served with out in-house dip

Mozzarella Cheese Dips • £3.60

Served with salad and in-house dip


Chicken / Meat Lasagne • £7.95

With salad and chips.

Wong Chicken Chow-Mein • £8.95

Our Anglo-Asian specialty cooked with noodles

Wong Beef Chow-Mein • £10.95

Our Anglo-Asian specialty cooked with noodles


Suzi Chicken Stir Fry • £8.95

Served with Chinese egg fried rice

Chicken Fillet Burger • £6.95

Topped with Cheese & Relish

Gourment Beef Burger • £8.95

Topped with Cheese & Relish


Onion Rings • £1.95

Masala Chips • £2.75

Chinese Chips • £2.45

Saute Vegetable • £1.95

Mashed Potato • £1.95

Steak-Cut Chips • £2.25

Potato Wedges • £2.25


Glass      Bottle     Jug

Coke                                        £1.95   £2.15   £5.45

Diet Coke                                £1.95   £2.15   £5.45

Fanta                                                   £2.15

7up                                                      £2.15

J2O Apple & Mango • £2.35

J2O Apple & Rasberry • £2.35

J2O Orange & Passion • £2.45

Redbull • £2.45

Rubicon Mango / Guava / Passion • £1.95


Orange / Apple / Cranberry/Mango • £2.15              


Mango / Strawberry / Coconut • £6.45


Kinder Bueno / Strawberry / Vanilla / Chocolate Fusion • £2.95


Tea / Coffee / Desi Chai  • £2.25


Strawberry Daiquiri / Bubble Gum Pop / Electric Fusion / Mango & Pineapple / Hurricane / Tropical Passion / Lahori Cosmo / Virgin Mojito / Pina Colada • £4.25

The Lahori Fort Delicacies

Anglo Asian Cuisine!


Signature Desserts!

Shalimar Delice • £4.25

Banana Jelly topped with Badshahi cream, garnished with fruit and pistachio 

Lahori Eton Mess• £4.25

Our twist on a famous classic


Ice Cream Sundae • £4.15

Served with Wafers, Warm Chocolate, Brownies & Drizzled with Chocolate Sauce

Oreo Cookie Bash Ice Cream Cake • £3.95

Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake • £3.95

Chocolate Peanut Butter Stack • £3.95

Warm Chocolate Fudge • £3.95

With vanilla ice cream

Kulfi / Vanilla / Chocolate / Strawberry Ice Cream • £2.95

With Pistachio & Chocolate Flake


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